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Table to compare features of different versions of SpamWars

Features Personal Professional Enterprise Multi-Domain
Multi platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Unix/Linux) x x x x
Mail picked up via POP / IMAP x x x x
Can manage multiple accounts 2 accounts unlimited unlimited unlimited
Rules can be defined manually x x x x
Customizable messages x x x x
Autoreply for absence x x x x
Daily Activity Report x x x x
WEB Interface for administration x x x x
Professional use x x x
Language recognition of messages x x x
Import address book to white list x x x
Access to SpamWars POP and SMTP servers from another workstation x x x
Access to SpamWars administration from another workstation x x x
Choice of several SMTP servers to use x - -
Reservation of a % of SMTP use for users mail x - -
SMTP outgoing mail in 'Express' mode x x x
Synchronisation of several SpamWars accounts x x
Multi-user mode x x
Users defined in an LDAP (Active Directory...) x x
Incoming mail received by SMTP x x
SMTP transfer of filtered mail to mail software (Exchange, Lotus...) x x
Manage multiple domains (eg multiple customers) x